Corey Webster talks LSU’s mindset ahead of the National Championship

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Former LSU and NFL cornerback Corey Webster joins Matt and Ryan to talk LSU’s mindset heading into the National Championship Game on Monday. What is going through the team’s head at this point?

“The energy is off the chart, but coach is going to do a good job I think of keeping them in the same mindset as a regular week,” Webster said.

Webster won a national title in New Orleans at LSU. What is that experience truly like?

“I don’t think there’s nothing like that. To be right down the road for a 60 minute battle,” Webster said. “You have all your family there, and the whole state is literally behind you.”

Webster talks how he would defend LSU’s  receivers if he were playing opposite of them.

“Man, do you get to play 13 or 14 on the field,” Webster said. “I would try to put my hands on the outside receivers. Do anything that can throw the timing off for Joe Burrow.”

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