Damar Forbes talks the postponement of Tokyo 2020

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Former LSU long jumper, and Jamacian Olympian joins Matt to talk the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. What was his first reaction when he heard the Games would be postponed?

“I’ve been working so hard and so long just to go to another Games and make my mark,” Forbes said. “It’s heart breaking. All that hard work seems for nothing, as of now.”

When did he and his team start to think that CoVid-19  could impact the Olympics?

“Oh yes. I think it was back in January when we first started seeing it explode in China,” Forbes said. “We actually had an indoor championship in a city right next to Wuhan. When that got canceled we were thankful. When it started to spread we thought to ourselves that China is close to Japan.”

If the Games would have gone on as planned, would Forbes have gone if he qualified?

“As ridiculous as I may sound, I probably would’ve went,” Forbes said. “These are things you train for your whole life. Sometimes determination get the best of you.”

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