Dan Wetzel talks ‘The Scheme’

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Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports was featured in ‘The Scheme,’ and joins Matt to talk about the film. In the film we learned that a book Wetzel co-authored help guide Christian Dawkins’ career choice. Wetzel reacts.

“Yeah, 20 years ago we put this book out, “Sole Influence” about runners, agents and companies fighting over players,” Wetzel said. “The last thing we expected to happen was for a seventh grader to read it and say ‘I want to be one of those guys.'”

Wetzel gives his take on how the film turned out, and how this is really only 1/10 of the story.

“I think all ten of the people who were charged had a story to tell. This was Christian’s,” Wetzel said. “He is one of ten who were really impacted by this. I don’t know if it would change much. It’s not an inaccurately told story as far as I can tell, but it’s a narrow one.”

What is Wetzel’s reaction to LSU and Scott Woodward’s statement from today.

“I predicted as much. At this point I think LSU is committed to Will Wade, especially after they kept him last year,” Wetzel said. “At this point I think they are pretty much like ‘We don’t care,’.”

Wetzel talks if this documentary will force any change with the NCAA.

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