Dan Wolken credits Ed Orgeron for figuring out how to be a successful coach

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Dan Wolken of USA Today joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about LSU Football’s run this season.

“I think it’s impossible to overstate how good that team was this season,” Wolken said.

Wolken discussed his criticism of LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

“There were lots of reasons why people doubted why Ed Orgeron could be successful at LSU,” Wolken said. “All credit to him for figuring out what he needed to do to be successful as a head coach.”

He also addressed his most recent article about LSU’s booster cheating scandal at the beginning of the season. He points out that LSU fans have swept it under the rug.

“That is one of the most blatant forms of cheating that you can have, yet people just kind of shrugged their shoulders,” Wolken said.

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