Dane Bradshaw talks LSU Basketball down the stretch

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Dane Bradshaw of the SEC Network joins Matt to talk basketball around the league. LSU has lost 3 of their last 4 on the road. What is the main issue with the Tigers?

“Is it because it was just a matter of time? I don’t know,” Bradshaw said. “Throughout that winning streak LSU made enough winning plays. They were able to takeaway a team’s strength, or dominate them on the offensive glass. I think it’s a little bit of the law of averages to some degree.”

LSU’s defense is a huge weakness for the team. Is it because of a lack of effort?

“Honestly, I hate to comment on that because I have not had LSU this year. So I haven’t seen them up close in person,” “When they have to play well on defense because they aren’t scoring, they are a pretty good team. When they start to score, their defense begins to lack. Does that come back to effort? Yeah I guess it does.”

Three games remain on the schedule for the Tigers. Two at home and one on the road. What is realistc to expect down the stretch?

“Realistic I think is 3-0 because I do think they are more talented than those other teams,” Bradshaw said.

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