Darnell Lazare talks how Pelicans are handling CoVid-19

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New Orleans Pelicans assistant coach Darnell Lazare joins Matt to talk how the Pels are handling CoVid-19 interally.

“We are treating it like a semi-offseason type of program,” Lazare said. “Diving into our game film. Looking at our personel to see where we can get better.”

Lazare takes us back to the canceled game in Sacramento about two weeks ago. What was that day like for the team?

“So from my vantage point the CoVid-19 virus is picking up the pace,” Lazare said. “We treated the day as business as usual. The team went through shootaround.”

Was there ever a time Lazare felt that the season would be suspended?

“It kind of happened real fast so a million thoughts were going through your head,” Lazare said.

Lazare says that once games started getting canceled you could see the league suspension coming.

Does Lazare see an avenue for the league to resume the season?

“It’s hard to say. I’m optimistic,” Lazare said.. “I would like to play again. I think people would like to see basketball again.”

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