Dave Aranda on how LSU’s innovative offense helped him evolve on defense

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The new coach of the Baylor Bears, Dave Aranda, joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about his new role and his incredible National Championship season with LSU.

“It was really special,” Aranda said. “You give all the credit to Coach O and the leadership he put in.”

How intimidating is it to leave a well-oiled machine and establish a new team in the Baylor Bears?

“I watched the games they played last year and the fight that they put up…it’s excited to get them to hunt for you,” Aranda said.

What’s it like building a staff, specifically adding coaches like his Defensive Coordinator Ron Roberts?

“To build a staff like that with guys of your own is a huge piece,” Aranda said. “I’m excited for Ron, he’s mentored myself…countless others and he’s kind of been in the background.”

Aranda also discussed how practicing against an innovative offense like LSU’s has helped him evolved as a Defensive Coordinator.

“The game is changing…I just think prior to this year, there is having a base defense and being able to play whatever comes out in your base has always been the thought. What changes, though, with the offense we saw last year…elements of ‘gotcha plays.”

Finally, he talks about how great Derek Stingley Jr. can be.

“He’s got a servant’s heart,” Aranda said. “Nothing’s too big, the stage ain’t too big.”

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