Deuce McAllister talks “Domecoming” in New Orleans

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Former New Orleans Saint Deuce McAllister joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about the “domecoming” game and being in New Orleans post-Katrina.

“Really for us, there was a lot of uncertainty…whether you would be able to come back and play football in New Orleans,” McAllister said. “You didn’t know if the city would recover.”

That game was Sean Payton and Drew Brees’ first game in the Superdome. What were the biggest differences in young Payton and Brees vs what they are now?

“The difference was is filling out Drew Brees…he was just coming off shoulder surgery and you didn’t really know what you had,” McAllister said. “You could tell that both guys were feeling there way through.”

Marcus Colston was a rookie that year. Did they knew how good the 7th round pick was going to be?

“You knew he was going to be good, but not how good,” McAllister said. “You knew you wanted someone to come in and take some pressure off Joe Horn but you had no idea what a tremendous career he would have.”

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