Dick Vitale on LSU getting into the NCAA Tournament

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Dick Vitale joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk college basketball, including Chris Jackson, whose number will be retired this weekend at LSU. He also talked about how incredulous it is that LSU has not named their court after Dale Brown.

“Come on you people, why,” Vitale said.

Dayton slid into the top four. Does Vitale think they’re for real?

“Well, you’re going to find out,” Vitale said.

LSU started red hot and then they hit a bit of a skid. What does he think of this LSU squad?

“I think they spoil people early in the year,” Vitale said. “Now what happens, they become bulletin board material and everybody plays at a different level.”

Is this game against Florida a battle for the premiere team in the SEC?

“There’s no doubt that LSU is getting into the tournament,” Vitale said. “Then there’s a couple teams fighting for survival.”

Finally, he talked about his friend Bobby Knight returning to Assembly Hall.

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