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College Basketball is once again as more names are coming out in the federal pay for play scandal. Kentucky assistant coach, Kenny Payne’s name surfaced in court this weekend. ESPN’s Dick Vitale joins the guys to talk about the current situation and potential solutions.

“It’s ugly, it’s not good for the game.” Vitale said. “In the case of Kenny Payne he wasn’t quoted at all. His name was just mentioned.”

Vitale argues once more that the simple solution is to allow the agents to pay the players or the player’s families if they want. Dick says he has a source who says once everything is out the NCAA plans to ‘drop the hammer,’ on any school implicated.

Dick Vitale one of LSU coach Will Wade’s biggest critics when Wade’s name came up in the trial. How does Dick feel now that Wade is back as the LSU head man. Vitale acknowledges that Will Wade’s job is safe for the moment considering what he survived already, but Wade should be very thankful that he is still at LSU.

“He got a lucky break to be back at LSU,” Vitale said. “The fans wanted him back and winning solves a lot of problem.”

As far as on the court LSU is returning some key players, as well as, adding young talent in Trendon Watford and James Bishop.

“If Watford can become the player they think he can be it will be a huge boost for them,” Vitale said.

Vitale says that right now he does not have the Tigers in his Sweet Sixteen for next year, but preseason rankings are only to get people excited.

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