Doug Thompson on LSU baseball’s series win against Eastern Kentucky

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Doug Thompson of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined T-Bob to talk about LSU baseball taking 2 of the 3 against Eastern Kentucky.

“It was like watching the effect that kryptonite has on Superman,” Thompson said.

What does Thompson think about how LSU is approaching the plate?

“At the end of the day, there are a lot of new faces on this roster,” Thompson said. “Coach Mainieri is having to see who can play and who can’t…and that’s part of the inconsistency.”

Defense usually wins championships. What did Thompson think of catcher Alex Milazzo?

“As a pitcher, the confidence when you have a guy who’s going to cover up a ball in the dirt…it changes the whole defense,” Thompson said. “He’s the cornerstone of the defense.”

Sophomore Jaden Hill is ready to jump in and pitch wherever LSU needs him and Thompson thinks he could excel anywhere.

“He’s so talented that he could pitch on the front end and be one of the best starters in the SEC and pitch at the back end and be one of the best closers in the SEC,” Thompson said.

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