Doug Thompson on the talent of LSU Baseball’s Jaden Hill and Alex Milazzo

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Doug Thompson of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined Jordy and Cody to talk LSU Baseball’s opening weekend.

“I loved it until the last game on Saturday,” Thompson said. “When Jaden Hill came in, that may be the most electric stuff I’ve ever seen out there.”

How do you handle a talent like Jaden Hill?

“He’s got that Zack Hess thing, as a closer that’s intimidating coming out of the bullpen,” Thompson. “He’s a moose of a man, coming in there throwing 90 with zero effort…it’s very unique.”

What does Thompson think of catcher Alex Milazzo.

“I like the (Alex) Milazzo guy,” Thompson said. “His pop time is averaging 1.89…major league stuff.”

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