Dr. Najy Masri gives a COVID-19 update for Louisiana

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Dr. Najy Masri, Director of Hospitalist Services at Oschner Medical Center, joined Jordy and T-Bob to give an update on COVID-19.

“Two weeks ago we had our first case…and two weeks later we are at 837 cases,” Dr. Masri said. “We have numbers that rival states that have ten times the population as us.”

How stressed is the testing situation right now?

“I think moving forward, the numbers are going to stagger people,” Dr. Masri said. “We’ve got testing centers now…the best lately is the Oschner has the capability of doing in-house Covid-19 testing.”

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton announced last week that he had tested postive for the coronavirus. Did this make it more serious for the public?

“I think it brought it home for people,” Dr. Masri said.

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