Dr. Najy Masri gives a COVID-19 update

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Director of Hospitalist Services for LSU at Oschner Medicine Dr. Najy Masri joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss the latest news on COVID-19.

“For the first time, I can tell you there is a case in each parish,” Dr. Masri. “We’re starting to see it slow down finally a little bit.”

Social distancing and home isolation seems to working for the state of Louisiana, but the capital has spiked. What does he see for the future of Baton Rouge?

“Baton Rouge has kind of become a minor epicenter,” Dr. Masri. “The denser the population, the more cases we’re going to see.”

The CDC is now recommending that the public wear face masks.

“They want to public to wear a cloth face mask in the public setting where social distancing can not be maintained,” Dr. Masri said. “It’s certainly not a replacement for social distancing.”

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