Dr. Najy Masri updates the latest with COVID-19

Weekdays 7AM - 10AM

Dr. Najy Masri of Oschner Medical Center joins Jordy and T-Bob for his weekly update on the spread of coronavirus.

“We are about a month in to this. Exactly a month ago we had 17 deaths in the United States, and now we are over 20,000 cases,” Dr. Masri said. “A lot of people in the media are talking about this peak week. This is expected to come either this week or next week.”

Is there a connection with life during and after Hurricane Katrina with life during and after COVID-19 in Louisiana?

“It’s an interesting parrallel. Katrina was sudden,” Dr. Masri said. “COVID-19 is a little bit different. It’s this prolonged state. Katrina changed the way we lived locally, and COVID is going to change the way we live worldwide.”

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