Draft Party 2018

104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge presents the 2018 NFL Draft Party, Thursday, April 26th at Stinky’s Fish Camp! Listen to 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge for your chance to be chosen as one of our 32 General Managers. GMs and a guest will be invited to attend our draft party that night at Stinky’s Fish Camp inside the Marriot! A random drawing will be conducted to determine the draft order. Prizes will be awarded for each correctly made pick. It’s the 2018 Draft Party with 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge and Stinky’s Fish Camp!

Here is the current list of our General Managers:

  1. Tony Stroup
  2. Adam Ledet
  3. Chad Blanchard
  4. Derek Roussel
  5. Jeffrey Simmons
  6. Todd Easterling
  7. Chris Jarrell
  8. Jacob Buhler
  9. Mike Vicari
  10. Kade Chamberlin
  11. William Tyler Miley
  12. Stephen Miller
  13. Adam Whitaker

Draft Party Rules Here