Ed Orgeron on LSU Football spring practice

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LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk LSU spring ball.

“Spring ball is in the air…our guys can’t wait,” Orgeron said.

Is there anyone emerging after the 4th Quarter program?

“We moved him to center,” Ed Orgeron said on defensive tackle Joseph Evans.

Orgeron discussed how some of the new coaches are looking in their positions.

“Bo (Pelini)’s brought a lot of energy on our defense, we’re more of an attacking defense right now,” Orgeron said. “Our guys are loving it.”

Last week, LSU football made the Kevin Faulk hire official. What does Orgeron think about the new running backs coach?

“Home run hire,” Orgeron said. “He’s going to do a tremendous job recruiting…great for the state of Louisiana and great for LSU.”

Coach Orgeron also discussed some of some wave-making running backs, Chris Curry, Ty Davis-Price, and John Emery.

“I consider all three of those guys starters right now. We’re gonna play all three.”

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