Ed Orgeron Previews SEC Championship

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LSU Football Head Coach Ed Orgeron joins Off the Bench to talk about his team, starting with the big win on Saturday night.

“There wasn’t a lot of celebration going on,” Orgeron said. “What a great night in Tiger Stadium and on to the SEC Championship.”

The team’s attitude is trending up, Orgeron said.

“I feel like these guys wanted to go undefeated during the season… (but) this is go time for us,” Orgeron said. “Yesterday was probably the most enthusiastic Monday practice… all season.”

New faces have been making plays, Orgeron said.

“We ask our guys to get better fundamentally,” Orgeron said. “We’re a team on the rise. Today’s a big day. We’re going to get better than we were last Tuesday.”

Joe Brady has contributed greatly to the staff, Orgeron said.

“Joe’s a great guy to be around,” Orgeron said. “Him and Steve Ensminger have a tremendous amount of respect for one another.”

Orgeron highlighted the Georgia offensive line when asked about how the Bulldogs stack up to other teams the Tigers have faced this year.

“I think it’s the best offensive line we’ve seen,” Orgeron said. “It’s challenging. I met with the defensive line coaches last night. These guys did answer the challenge last year… they can do it again.”

The Tigers’ freshman secondary is impressive, Orgeron said.

“You’ve got to give Corey Raymond a lot of credit,” Orgeron said. “We’re going to continue to recruit the top corners in America.”

Orgeron said he was impressed with the recruiting overall.

“We’ve opened this up to national recruiting bases,” Orgeron said. “Young men want to come play for the Tigers.”

Joe Burrow’s parents hold a special place for him, Orgeron said.

“They remind me of our parents,” Orgeron said. “They love their boy, and I think this has been a great year for them… this has been a win-win for everybody.”

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