Grant Delpit has a hole in his heart from last year’s losses.

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LSU All-American Safety, Grant Delpit, joined the show.

Delpit was asked how can he get better after being named a Unanimous All-American.

“I’ve seen a lot of guys drop off in their junior year,” said Delpit. “I wanna top what I did last year.”

After bouncing back from a collarbone injury last off-season, he talks about not having great expectations and surpassing them. How will this season be different dealing with higher expectations?

“Coach Moffitt says you better not listen to that stuff,” said Delpit.

Delpit talked about LSU’s new offense.

“They will open it up more in fall camp,” said Delpit. “RPO stuff is killer.”

Delpit says he has a hole in his heart from the games they lost last year against Florida, Alabama and Texas A&M.

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