Greg Stringfellow drew inspiration for LSU’s new locker room by how airplanes maximize space

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Director of Equipment at LSU Greg Stringfellow joined Off the Bench to talk about the reveal for the new Football Operations facility.

Jordy and T-Bob discussed how it was possible to keep the facility a secret until now.

“People have heard about it, but everyone worked together and knew it was a secret,” Stringfellow said. “The players didn’t really want to see it until it was ready, they didn’t sneak around and try to see it.”

Stringfellow discussed what it’s like to see the rise in facilities over his whole almost three decade career. What was the inspiration and progression for the design of the locker room?

“We reallly started this process back in 2014 to try to make it a top notch building. The sleeping room was going to have eight to ten bunkbeds in it, but we kept thinking there has to be a better way to utilize the space. Who maximizes space better than an airplane? I went back to Jack and said this is the idea we need to run with.”

Finally, Stringfellow laid out some of the other parts of the new facility, including the dining area.

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