Guest Picker: John Parker Wilson

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Former Alabama quarterback, John Parker Wilson joins Matt and Ryan as this week’s guest picker. Before they get to the picks Wilson is asked about playing scout team quarterback in 2016 in the week leading up to the LSU game

“I did it for LSU, for Washington and for Clemson,” Wilson said. .

Wilson also rememebers the 2008 LSU game in Tiger Stadium after the students got his phone number in the week leading up to the game.

“I couldn’t even get to all the texts,” Wilson said. “I just had to turn my phone off and go get a new number.”

What has Wilson seen from LSU quarterback Joe Burrow?

“He’s got all the skills,” Wilson said “He’s got a big arm, runs really well and is accurate. For me it goes back to the confidence thing. They believe they are going to score everytime they touch the ball and at will.”

Does Wilson remember getting hit by LaRon Landry?

“I do. I still feel it every morning,” Wilson said. “He’s the biggest guy you’ll ever play agianst in the secondary. He had a twenty yard head start and laid it to me.”

Wilson takes his alma mater to defeat LSU this weekend.

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