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In hour one of Hangin’ with Flester, Troy Leboeuf is joined by Matt and Austin, even though he didn’t know. They rag on Jacob for a few minutes and then move on to sports. They talk upcoming spring football and Matt talks Myles Brennan. They talk about the spring game being moved to Southern and do some Flestering. They talk Despacito, Justin Bieber, and sushi. Somehow it comes back to LSU Baseball. We get Matt’s thoughts on Drew Brees coming back to the Saints for another year. Mike Detellier joins the show! They also talk LSU Basketball’s loss to Kentucky. And more!



Mike Detellier joins the show! He talks Drew Brees’ decision to return to the Saints for another year. He talks about how it’s no longer the physical part that Drew has to deal with, but the mental aspect. He also talks about where the LSU players going to the draft could end up. Does Joe Burrow actually have leverage going into the draft? Who is gonna be the surprise first round pick? And more!