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In hour one of Hangin’ with Flester, Jacob, Austin, and Matt kick off the show talking with former Atlana Brave and MLB Hall of Famer, Chipper Jones! Stemming from the robot umpire topic that they talked with Chipper, Austin gives his thoughts. He then talks about the human aspects of an umpire in a game and his stories with them. All the guys talked about stuff that they almost got penalties/fines for.



Former Atlana Brave and MLB Hall of Famer, Chipper Jones joins the show! He talks his recent deal with ESPN to be major league analyst. He’s not 100% sure if this is something he wants to do all the time, but is excited to be doing a few games this year. He tells the story of how this deal got started and the hiliarity involved. Austin brings up the robot umpires and Chipper talks about he rather keeps the human element to the game. Especially considering the replay cameras already don’t always work. They then talk the Atlanta Braves and what their line up is looking like. What’s the question mark when it comes to the Braves? And more!



Dr. Stephen Etheredge of BROC joins the show! He talks the Coronavirus and what the best things to do are. Is there more overreacting than anything else? Matt recently just traveled and talked the precautions that are being taken. Moving back to sports, he talks what it’s like for doctors at the NFL Combine.