Hangin’ with Hester and Hanny 11-20-20 Hour 1 | Game on for Tigers/Razorbacks | Taysom set to start | Sharief Ishaq

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In hour one Charles and Jacob react to the news that LSU/Arkansas is a go after concerns  emerged over some COVID-19 test from the Razorbacks.

They discuss to the breaking news of the Saints naming Taysom Hill as the starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Falcons.


WDSU-TV sports reporter Sharief Ishaq joined the show to discuss the report of the Saints expecting to start Taysom Hill over Jameis Winston.

Sharief said that he was surprised by the decision to start Taysom Hill especially considering this takes him out as another option on offense.

He does fell like Jameis will still get some snaps in the game.

Plus he gave his thoughts on Drew Brees’ recovery and when he could potentially return.


They playback and react to comments from Saints RB-Alvin Kamara.