Hangin’ with Hester and Hanny 7-30-2020 Hour 3 | Gameday’s Rece Davis favors 10 game conference schedule for SEC

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In hour three Charles and Jacob are joined by Fox Sports Reporter Jennifer Hale to preview the New Orleans Pelicans restart tonight against the Utah Jazz.

Jenn anticipates Zion Williamson playing close to 10 to 15 minutes tonight and the importance of Jrue Holiday.

She also gives an overall view of how successful the NBA “bubble” has been to this point.

Host of ESPN’s College Football Gameday Rece Davis joined the show to discuss the landscape of 2020 college football scheduling.

Rece would like to see the SEC play a 10 game conference schedule.

He also discusses the plans for the “College Gameday” broadcast and whether bringing the show in studio is a possibility or if they will still take it on the road.