Hangin’ With Hester & Hanny 8-3-2020 Hour 1 |

Weekdays 12PM - 3PM

Hester and Hanny kick off Monday’s show talking the bubble being created by the New Orleans Saints. The bubble is for the organizations tier 1 and 2 employees.

Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins Hester and Hanny in the first hour. The SEC is set to have a 10 game, conference only schedule. What is the latest regarding player safety? With the season being pushed back it allows for a longer pre-season camp. How might coaches manage the time to best benefit their team? Peter also shares his thoughts on the Pac-12 players threats to boycott the 2020 season.

The guys talk the potential order of finish in the SEC East. How might the order of finish play into filling out the 10 game schedule?