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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk the live sports that happened over the weekend. Did Hunt watch any NASCAR or Bundesliga? Nah. Moving on they talk the latest in LSU recruiting. Talking Myles Brennan, Coach Ensminger has already told people to jump on the Brennan bandwagon. So the likely hood of LSU looking at the transfer portal, like they did with Joe Burrow, are slim to none even with all the talent available.  They breakdown the elements that Myles has already achieved but what he also still needs to accomplish. Bill Bender of the Sporting News joins the show! We read all your Huntisms and more!



Bill Bender of the Sporting News joins the show! While we know how badly the SEC wants to get the athletes on campus and having a football season, what is it like in Ohio. Ohio State is a big contender in the country so how are their fans reacting? Hunt talks about how many people are seeing a gap growing between the SEC and the Big 10, does COVID19 help increase that and is it really there? Looking at the MAC, they are already making cuts in order to stay afloat. While we’ve heard what some people are already expecting of sports and football this year, what has Bill heard? Alabama’s opener might be affected and changed due to the fact of California’s restrictions with COVID19, so what has Bill heard on that front? And more!