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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is solo for the first hour and he kicks the show off talking the voluntary return for LSU Athletics. The date for return is June 8th and Greg Stringfellow joins the show to talk getting the facilities ready. Billy Embody of 247 Sports joins the show to talk LSU Basketball and Football recruiting! Katherine Terrell of The Athletic joins the to talk the Saints. And more!



LSU Director of Equipment, Greg Stringfellow, joins the show! With the return to activity date being set at June 8th, he talks the protocols that his team is following in order to get the facilities ready for the players to return. Greg also talks about getting the new signees on campus and how they have to get them fitted for equipment for the first time, especially considering this is the first time they’ll be on campus. What’s different for the returning players? He also can’t wait to see what players have been keeping up during quarantine. What are the protocols going to be should someone test positive? And more!



Billy Embody of 247 Sports joins the show! Talk LSU Basketball recruiting, they talk about how big of  a get Moussa Cisse could be should they land him. They talk the recruits and the job that Will Wade has done in his short amount of time at LSU so far. Speaking of that, is Will Wade the most up and coming coach? Transitioning to football, they talk about some of the newest recruits that have added themselves to the 2021 class. Jacob talks on the point of how well LSU has recruited out of Georgia. And more!



Katherine Terrell of The Athletic joins the to talk the Saints. The Saints have signed a 1 year deal with James Hurst and she talks what this means for the Saints. With college football programs are now starting to come back, if the NFL says that players can return, will the Saints stick to just returning to training camp or no? Jacob already knows Drew Brees is probably itching to get back. Does Katherine think that the Saints have any more big roster moves before the season starts? And more!