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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is flying solo, so that means plenty of guests! First up is Peter Burns of the SEC Network! Former LSU Running Back, Jeremy Hill joins the show! Jacob talks about the NBA’s plan to restart the season. Eric Sorenson of D1 Baseball joins the show! And more!



Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins the show! There’s a lot going on in the sports world right now. They talk about players starting to return to campus. There have been some cases of COVID19 with these players, but schools have been taking appropriate action. They also take a look at the college football schedules for this upcoming season. And more!



Former LSU Running Back, Jeremy Hill joins the show! He gives an update on his injury status and when he’s hoping to get back to the training facilities to get back to work. He talks the current running backs at LSU and gives his thoughts. Jeremy mentions how he’s expecting these guys are planning to come out and prove that last years wasn’t a one off. With everything going on with COVID19, he talks about how the players have gone out of their way to continue to work out in the best ways they can and the veteran players stepping up to lead the team in aspects they can’t work on at the facilities. They also talk about Jeremy’s passion for fighting against injustice that has been happening and Jacob mentions how with football, he’s sees his teammates as brothers and applauds him for standing up and giving him more reason to stand up. And more!



Eric Sorenon of D1  Baseball joins the show! Throughout the pandemic many schools have had to cut their baseball teams. Bowling Green was one of them, but through fundraising efforts they were able to reinstate the program. While this is awesome, Eric still fears that there will be more programs that have to shut down. On seniors, many are coming back considering they were not able to play this year. So will we see the most talented year of college baseball? And what does this mean for the coaches? Another thing to keep in mind is to expect plenty of transfers happening.  And more!