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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt discuss Drew Brees’ comments about players kneeling during the anthem. They give their thoughts on the matter. Ken Trahan of Crescent City Sports joins the show! They also talk the NBA approving the 22-team format. What are they expecting from this modified season? They also talk Scott Woodward and his recent comments about the upcoming season and more!



Ken Trahan of Crescent City Sports joins the show! After Drew’s comments and his apology, what does Ken think the locker room looks like right now? He also talks about some of the other in the locker room. Ken also talks about how he expects Sean Payton to handle the situation. Ken also talks about overall, people just need to listen to each other. If there is dialogue and discussion between parties, it’ll work to a common goal. Even Drew’s teammates have forgiven him. And more!