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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Richard Dickson has once again become essential! Jacob and Richard catch up as to what has changed since March. Talking LSU Football, the updated height and weights on the team. Looking at the MLB, there’s a new proposal. Will anything come of it? Since Jacob has really only had Hunt to ask what he thinks if there wasn’t MLB, he decides to ask Richard the question. What would no MLB do for Richard? Bill Bender of the Sports News joins the show! And more!



Bill Bender of the Sports News joins the show! They talk players beginning to return to campus. There have been a few players at different schools that do have positive tests, but the schools have been handling it as they see fit. If there are continued positive tests, can the affect the start of the college football season? Moving to social matters, Iowa’s strength and conditioning coach, Chris Doyle, has been accused of negative experiences with former players. For the first time, do the college players have a stronger voice with everything going on? Looking at the future season, they talk the season ending surgery of Justyn Ross. How will that affect Clemson? And more!