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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk the MLB Draft. Daniel Cabrera is headed to the Detroit Tigers and Cole Henry to the Washington Nationals. Devin Fontenot was expected to get drafted and leave LSU, however that is not the case. He didn’t get drafted which means he’s coming back for another season. Shea Dixon of 247 Sports joins the show! Moving back to baseball, this Sunday there will be a McGuire-Sosa special. Hunt is extremely excited and relives his childhood. Speaking of which, Jacob, Happy, and Paul share their stories of what made them fall in love with their favorite sports team. And more!



Shea Dixon of 247 Sports joins the show! Earlier today, one of the elite quarterback prospects, Howard Walker, committed to LSU. They talk about the history of in state quarterback commitments.  With this also being said, LSU is now looking for a certain type of quarterback. They’re looking for more and more Joe Burrow like quarterbacks. They also talk about the 2022 signing class. They also talk more recruiting news and more!