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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is running late, but no worries, Hunt is here to save the day! First things first, THE LSU TIGERS ARE THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! LET’S GEAUX!!!! Hunt breaks down the gameplay of last night. He talks about how Coach Venables’ plans for Joe Burrow did work for a while, but the LSU offense did manage to work around them and pull ahead. Hunt talks about what impressed him most last night from the LSU Tigers. He also talks about the legacy that this team is leaving. Looking back at the season, LSU has beaten multiple top teams and broken record after record. He also gives major props to the LSU defense. They’ve faced major adversity this season and have come very far this season. THEN JACOB SUDDENLY BURST IN THE STUDIO WITH A HUGE LETS GEAUXXXXXX!!!!!!!!! Jacob gives his first thoughts on the game and more!