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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie recap LSU’s win over Texas A&M. They talk about how the offense continues to preform and how the defense really stepped up and had an amazing performance on Saturday. Looking back at the season, they talk the players and how they’ve improved this season to make this team what it has become. Moving on, they look towards the SEC Championship. The biggest talk has been the Georgia defense vs LSU’s offense. But who all has the Georgia defense actually faced? The breakdown the matchup and what each team needs to do in order to win the game.



Chris Low of ESPN joins the show to talk LSU vs Georgia! So the question is, is it the LSU offense vs the Georgia defense? How does the Georgia defense try and slow down the LSU offense. He also talks about how Georgia needs to win on special teams in order to have a chance to win. Who do you watch for on Georiga’s defense. What if LSU loses to Georgia? Do they still make it to the college playoff? They also talk the avaliable coaching jobs in the SEC. And more!