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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk the Scott Linehan hire and what they expect him to bring to the team. They also talk about with the way the program is going now, people should start to expect coaching hunts and hires more often after the season is over with the current coaches and analysts having opportunities to move up in their careers. Richard Dickson joins the show! Moving onto LSU hoops, Hunt breaksdown the loss against Auburn and previews the match up tonight against Missouri. They talk the home and home in a neutral stadiums with Florida State. And more!


Richard Dickson (:15)

Richard Dickson joins the show! He talks what is was like to play under Scott Linehan. What type of coach and guy is Scott? Coming from coaching in the NFL and expecting so much from players, Richard talks about how he’s not gonna expect anything less from these college athletes. Is Scott more likely to gravitate to quarterbacks or the recievers? And more!