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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk the starting of spring practice. It only seems like yesterday that we were still playing in the season. Hunt talks about how he hopes the team manages to find the same energy that they had this past season. Jacob is looking forward to the position battles and who will step up to be the new leaders on this team. Speaking of leaders, Jacob talks Myles Brennan stepping up and proving to the team that this is his team. What position are the guys looking at the most? They then talk LSU Baseball. Given their recent track record, are they meeting the level of expectation of the program? Does Hunt think this team have excellence? Hunt talks about what this team needs to do in order to improve and where the weakest points are. Connor O’Gara of Saturday Down South joins the show! And more!



Connor O’Gara of Saturday Down South joins the show! Connor wrote a story about Justin Jefferson and talks about why he likes rooting for someone like Justin. He also talks about writing a story like Justin’s and goes out to proves himself. Justin was written off as a low recruit and came in to the program late, but wanted to work him butt off in order to get where he is and earn his spot. They also talk the relationship between Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson. Moving on to the SEC East, they talk Georgia and recent coaching changes. Connor talks about what Kirby Smart had to do in order to have a shot at getting a National Championship. Is Alabama’s time up? And more!