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In hour one of Hangin’ with Flester, Jacob and Austin kick off the show with a few technical difficulties. Matt shows up when more stuff happens. Once things settle for a moment, they talk LSU Baseball and their win over Southeastern. Even with the win, there’s still stuff that needs to happen in order for the team to actually come together and be a team. Matt talks about how this seems to be a yearly occurence when it comes to LSU Baseball. Matt Flynn is expecting his third child! Yay! They then talk travel and the coronavirus. After some more joking around, they talk spring football. Coach O addressed the media today to talk spring football and the upcoming spring game. Kelvin Sheppard has been added to the coaching staff and Jacob talks about how he loves former players coming in to help with the current team. Matt talks his expierence with spring training and whether or not for the ’07 team if it was main known that he was the starting quarterback. And more!