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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk LSU Basketball’s loss to Arkansas. Hunt points out the problems that LSU continues to have. They talk about the two main players in Darius Days and Skylar Mays that are the keys to this team and they need to try and get them as much time as possible. Jacob finds about mayo on hot dogs. Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins the show! They Slide Into The Series presented by Smalls Sliders to preview LSU vs UMass Lowell. They talk some LSU Football and more!



Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins the show! He talks the inconsistency of wins and losses around the SEC. So does that mean the league is better or worse? Hunt brings up the fact that last year, everything was going really well for the team as far as continuing to win games and making it as far as they did, so this year it’s been more of a grind. Random question time, does Peter put stock in Jimbo Fisher’s program coming off of an 8-4 season or Buzz Williams’ program currently? Turning to football, what does Peter want to see come out of LSU spring practice? And more!



Jacob and Hunt preview LSU vs UMass Lowell. While the River Hawks might not be the biggest opponent that LSU has faced, this is a chance for more LSU players to prove themselves. Who do Jacob and Hunt want to see more of and see them go out and prove that they need to be on the starting lineup. They also talk about how they want to see some consitency in the line up, but if you have to change it up some to win, do what you have to do. And more!