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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Dan talk LSU Baseball. They take a look at what went wrong for the team in the games so far this season. They also talk this weekend against UMass Lowell being a recovery weekend before facing Ole Miss next weekend. Switching to football, LSU is about to start spring training. So what are they looking forward to the most? This is a very young team and a lot of leaders just left. So who steps up? They talk some of the key positions and the possible players that could fill them. Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and The Atheltic joins the show! And more!



Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and The Atheltic joins the show! He talks about NFL Combine being at night this time around. They talk about the possibility of moving the location of the Combine and the pros and cons of that. He talks about how out of all the LSU players that attened, Justin Jefferson stood out the most to him and how much he helped his stock going into the draft. Bruce recently ranked his top 25 coaches in college football. He had Coach O ranked at #4 and he explains why. Does Coach O being at LSU and being comfortable in the culture of LSU help him being a coach and being ranked higher on the list? He takes a few questions from the Huddle and more!