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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Dan kick off the hour talking all the cancelations with sports due to the coronavirus. They also talk the reprecutions of what’s going to happen in the sporting world. Do they give red shirts out to help seniors that are in their last year that are being impacted by this? They more about the long term affect of these cancelations. Before everything was canceled, LSU Baseball took on South Alabama. They break down the game. And more!



Robert Munson, Senior Associate Athletics Director joins the show! He talks what it’s like in Nashville with the cancelation of the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament. Does this affect all sports or just the ones in season? He brings up the point that everyone is in the same place in order to make this call. Things will be re-evaluated come March 30th to see how to continue. What does rescheduling look like? He also talks about the plans for answering any questions regarding tickets and asking for patience at this time.



Hunt Palmer joins the show live from Nashville. He talks about the atmosphere surrounding the cancelations. What about the student athletes that are in their last year of eligibilty? Being that Hunt works in insurance, he talks about the money that will be lost and the unlikley hood of these events having the insurance to cover something like this. There’s a huge economic impact to this and it’s just unprecedented.