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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt continue to recap the 2020 Coaches Caravan. Bo Pelini talked about what to expect from the defense this year and the changes he’s making. Jacob is beyond excited to see this defense under Pelini and can’t wait to see who starts stepping up in a leadership role as well. Mike Golic Jr. of ESPN joins the show! Is Mrs. Davis from “Varsity Blues” a 10? Hunt thinks she’s a 7, maybe an 8. Moving on, the guys talk more about the 2019 football season and which moment they knew that this team was going to be a championship team. They also talk about the win over Alabama. There’s Ask Us and more!



Mike Golic Jr. of ESPN joins the show! With still so many questions up in the air about football season this year and different states opening up in their own ways, what does that mean for Mike’s old team, Notre Dame? The Pac 12 is dealing with a lot right now with California not planning on having students on campus until next year and Arizona ready to come back in a matter of days, where do they go from here? What does it look like for the possibilities of moving game locations just so there is football played? They also take a look at professional sports. The MLB is still on the fence due to the players wanting their normal pay instead of a cut pay. To wrap things up, what is the most underrated John Mayer song? And more!