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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Gordy replay an earlier interview Jacob did with Brett McMurphy of The Stadium. Donte Starks has been dismissed from the LSU Football team. Does this affect the team? Looking at the NFL, lots going on off the field. DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar are in a lot of hot water with recent allegations of armed robbery. James Harrison says Mike Tomlin gave him envelope after hit on Mohamed Massaquoi. Matthew Stafford put his Michigan home up for sale. But why? Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Earlier on SEC Today, Jacob caught up with Brett McMurphy. He talks about how he’s surprised that colleges are already making decisions on return to campus, like California, with so much still unknown. There will be a vote soon to decided when to let student-athletes return to campus. Is it June 1st? Is it July 15? Bruce talks about how there’s still schools that have to figure out if they need to move game locations as well. There’s still a lot of variables since a lot of factors rely on the local states decisions. So with just trying to have college football, what about all the extra fanfare? The Heisman, the playoffs, and everything else involved. What happens to Notre Dame if there’s a conference model? And more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! The real question here….what is going on in California? Aaron also talks about what the reality of sports returning to campus at schools are. He also talks about the PAC 12 and trying to get everyone on the same page. So much has changed since the first lock downs started. And to that point, there’s still a lot of time to try and get things in order. On the political side, with surrounding states opening up, how long do ones that don’t want to open hold out? Because people will start traveling and going to to other places to avoid lock downs. The biggest thing is gonna be politics vs sports. Open the dang pool and more!