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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt are joined by Ross Dellenger! They talk the best recruits they’ve seen out of high school football. They also talk the biggest disappointments. Who were the most underrated? Chris Doering of the SEC Network joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated joins the show! He talks the return of college sports around the country and California at first being up in the air, but now it is likely that they will be playing football. As far as fans go, what has Ross heard about the possibilities for fans in the stands. It’s all going to be in phases and the further we go the more we know. Right now it’s starting with student athletes simply returning to campus. Switching to LSU Football, Ross recently wrote about Bo Pelini and Ross talks about where he thinks Pelini is in his career. And more!



Chris Doering on the SEC Network joins the show! He talks about his evaluation of the LSU Football team heading into the 2020 season. They talk some other key players within the SEC and what they expect from them in the upcoming season. They also talk about LSU’s defense and what Chris’ feeling on the group. He talks the key players that the defense has and he interested to see what players step up into the holes that have been left open by former players. They also talk the dead period being extended and who is gonna be okay and who it’s gonna hurt. And more!