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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt are joined by Shea Dixon of 247 Sports. Last year, there was a small fight during practice. Brody Miller earlier in the week wrote how it was JaCoby Stevens and Joe Burrow. Jacob talks about how it was not a fight that was petty, but it built a team bond and respect among players. For the defense, they respect a quarterback that will fight back and the offense will see a player who will stop at nothing to shut a quarterback down. It’s the mentality and DNA of a football player. Plans are starting to be proposed in order to bring sports back and that include the possibility of playing games at Disney World. There’s Ask Us and more!



Shea Dixon of 247 Sports joins the show! He talks about his “green thumb” and being on a plant hunt. Moving onto recruiting, he talks about the latest commitment to LSU, Savion Jones. He talks more prospects that LSU has their eye on. Shea also talks about how recruiting has changed a bit given the pandemic happening. There’s plenty of elements like campus visits that can’t happen, but have also transitioned to text and zoom calls. Is LSU done recruiting quarterbacks for this class? And more!