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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Gordy and Charles are joined by Todd McClure. During Sports Today, it was announced that LSU will resume voluntary sports on June 8th with strict regulations in place. Paul Boudreaux of Boudreaux Athletics joins the show! This hour was chaos, there’s Ask Us, and more!



Former LSU center and Atlanta Falcon, Todd McClure, joins the show! He previews the Falcons’ season and what he expects to come from them. He talks about how they have talent, there’s no doubt in that. It’s more about performing and winning games. Todd also talks about being a former Tiger and then coming back home being a Falcon in Saints territory. Todd takes his shot at Gordy. And more!



Paul Boudreaux of Boudreaux Athletics joins the show! Paul talks about the equipment he provides for teams across the SEC. And on that note, with everything going on with the pandemic, Paul talks about what has to change as far as sanitation and normal standards. Looking at the season, what does is look like fan wise in the stands or even personnel on the sidelines? Then apparently Paul is banned from Florida via former officer Rio. And more!