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In hour two of Hangin ‘with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk an ESPN article that talked about taking college players currently in the NFL and making a team out of them. LSU was number one over Oklahoma and Alabama. Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! They talk plenty of Huntisms. There’s also Ask Us and more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! He talk Dickie V continuing to make accusations about LSU being in trouble with the NCAA even though nothing has happened. Aaron talks about there are teams that are actually in trouble like Oklahoma. When it comes to Dickie V, they wonder with his age and not growing up in an age of social media, does he realize the weight that his tweets carry especially considering he is such a well known name when it comes to college basketball. Does he have a vendetta against LSU and Arkansas? Moving from Dickie V, they talk the rest of college basketball and will the NCAA continue to dig into programs when it comes to issues like Duke and Zion? They also talk Oklahoma getting a 1 year post-season ban due to NCAA violations. They discuss player name, image, and likeness. And more!