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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Richard are joined by Former Ohio State and NFL Linebacker, James Laurinaitis! They then talk the MLB dumpster fire. With the continued uncertainty of when the MLB will return, would a casual fan like Richard still tune in or have they lost him as a fan? Jacob talks about how the MLB has dropped the ball and lost a great chance at gaining a new generation of fans.  Moving to football, they talk about what the best regular season road game was in their opinion. There’s also Ask Us and more!



Former Ohio State and NFL Linebacker, James Laurinaitis, joins the show! They talk Ohio State and the Big Ten. Is there another team in the Big Ten that could challenge Ohio State? They take a look at Ohio’s schedule. One of the first games is vs Oregon, but does that get played or if it does, will there be any fans in the stands? So much is has still yet to be seen thanks to COVID19. And more!