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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is joined by Bruce Feldman to talk Coach O’s new contract. Chris Plank breaks down the SEC/Big 12 Basketball Challenge. Hunt Palmer talks LSU Baseball and what he expects from the team this year. There’s also Ask Us and more!



Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports joins the show! This morning Bruce broke the news on Coach O’s new contract of a 6 year extension with a $42 million deal. He talks about Coach O’s journey to this extension and how there were plenty of people who did not think he could get to this position. Looking at the open position of defensive coordinator, he talks about the possible options LSU has and points out the fact that when Aranda was the DC, he was the highest paid in the leauge. With that being said, that means there’s plenty of money LSU has in order to make the higher. He also mentions how whoever the hire might be, in interactions between the new DC and Steve Ensminger will be interesting. And more!



Chris Plank of Sirius XM joins the show! They breaks down the SEC/Big 12 Basketball Challenge. He talks how West Virgina is currently an underrated team and that’s mostly due to their year last year. He’s interested to see their match up against Maryland. Chris also talks the match up between LSU and Texas. What does this game look like at the moment? And more!



Hunt Palmer joins the show to talk LSU Baseball and LSU Basketball! With LSU Baseball Media Day being today, Hunt talks about his take aways from Coach Mainieri’s press conference and where players will end up playing this season. Jacob brings up the point that on the field after winning the National Championship, Mo Hampton already had his eyes set towards LSU Baseball and getting back to Omaha. Hunt talks about the health of this team and what they must do in order to keep this team healthy and avoid the injuries they’ve dealt with over the past two years. Is Hunt going to be tuning into the SEC/Big 12 challenge? And more!