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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie are joined by Ken Trahan to talk Saints. Joe Burrow…..or Burreaux made an amazing tribute to Louisiana on his senior night. Jacob tells the backstory and just how little people knew about what Joe wanted to do. Randy McMichael previews the SEC Championship. There’s Ask Us and more!



Ken Trahan of Crescent City Sports joins the show to talk Saints. He recaps the Saints win over the Falcons in Atlanta. They talk all the pass interference calls in the recent games. Looking at the way wins and loses are falling right now, is there still some worry for the Saints to be seated well. What’s the biggest challenge for the Saints in facing the 49ers. And more!



Former Georgia tight end, Randy McMichael, joins the show to talk LSU vs Georgia. He talks the matchups he’s looking for in the games. Randy talks what Georgia has to do in order to win and what else is there to come from Georgia in order to shut down LSU. Who do LSU fans need to watch on the Georgia team? Is there a home field advantage for Georgia? The bet is on between Jacob and Randy. Ronnie asks about food. And more!