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In hour one of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is joined by Alex Scarborough of ESPN.com. He also talks about some coaching hires and fires. Billy Embody of 247 Sports joins the show to talk recruiting. There’s also Ask Us, reasons why Shreveport is 318, 31 great, and more!



Alex Scarborough of ESPN.com joins the show! He recently wrote an article on Coach O and he shares what he’s been the most impressed by. They talk about Coach O’s journey to LSU and how much he both stayed the same and changed to get where he is today. Looking at the hires he’s made, Coach O has managed to find coaches that understand strengths and weaknesses and have the humility in order to work together as a cohesive unit. They also look towards the SEC Championship and the matchup of LSU vs Georgia. And more!



Billy Embody of 247 Sports joins the show to talk recruiting. Zach Evans has delayed his annoucement and it’s pretty in line with his recruitment so far. Does LSU wait on him with him being top of the recuriting class? They talk other recruits that LSU has been looking at and how many prospects does LSU no mater what would find a spot for? They also talk the quarterbacks in this class. And more!